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About Subscribing

Math Coaching Updates offers free RSS and email feed subscriptions. I generally publish posts a few times a year. These are very easy to subscribe to, and you can just as easily unsubscribe. To subscribe, go to Math Coaching Updates and follow the instructions near the top of the page.

RSS feeds are more impersonal than email feeds, in that I (as the feed sender) do not know the anything about the person who subscribes to their RSS feed. I can measure how many people get the RSS feed, but I never know anything about them. 

But when a person subscribes to the email feed, I have their name and email address. So I have at least the option of getting back to them individually. This means I can treat the email subscribers as something of an "inside group" and offer them more access and ways to interact with me. 

Here's a bit of a tutorial on feeds:

RSS feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It is quite simple, very slick, and will save you lots of time! If you are unfamiliar with RSS news reader technology, watch this 3 minute video.

To subscribe to an RSS feed of news from this site, just go to the Math Coaching Updates page and click on the "Subscribe to posts" next to the orange chicklet. When you do, 1 of 2 things will happen:

  1. If your browser (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or whatever) already has a news reader installed, it will add Math Coaching Updates to your existing subscriptions. Alternately, you can just copy the URL of the Math Coaching Updates page into your news reader. Once you're a subscriber you don't need to come to my site to look for whatever is new. Instead, it shows up in your news reader alongside your other subscriptions (such as CNN, New York Times, your favorite blogs, or whatever).
  2. If your computer does not have a news reader installed, your computer will help you download an appropriate one for your computer. I use Firefox, IE, and Chrome browsers... and a Google Reader, but any reader will do. In the case of Chrome you will need to add a news reader extension from the Chrome Web Store.

Email feeds

If you prefer to receive feeds from Math Coaching Updates via email, just go to the Math Coaching Updates page and click on the Email Feed Subscription Form. Then you'll receive an email version of the RSS feed a few hours after it publishes.